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Latest Research & Studies

Our work is driven by a strong understanding of the buildings and awareness of human needs. Been focused on the buildings, we are looking for innovation wherever it exists. This drives our relentless search for the best systems, and our pursuit of collaborations and partnerships. We believe there are no limits to what science can do. And we never lose sight of those who rely most on our services.

At ESC700, we are united and energized by one mission – to discover and develop innovative solutions for every project.

Our strategy is to identify those needs and match them with the best science, internal or external, to find solutions worldwide. We leverage our development expertise, and operational excellence, to bring innovative, effective and safe systems forward in five areas: Heat Transfer, Noise Pollution, Water Penetration, Dust and Air Leakage and Quicker Fabrication and Installation Times.

Our research took place over the years, from collecting data, developing to delivering differentiated systems that address the most demanding buildings, according to weather conditions.

The areas of improvement:

Heat Transfer

  • Developed advanced thermal break sections
  • Increasing the thermal profile from 10 mm to 24 mm
  • Combined with low e glass to give some of the lowest u-values possible

Noise pollution

  • Rubber pads in between the transoms for expansion and contracting of profiles
  • Backing gaskets behind structural silicone
  • Muffler gaskets between mating surfaces
  • Combination of low cost options to give a higher STC ratings available

Water penetration

  • Usage of water drainage system
  • EDPM Gaskets and backing gaskets
  • Structural silicone for secure sealing of systems

Dust and air leakage

  • ESC Airtight systems using advanced flocking gaskets keeping out Air, Dust, Water and has been tested
  • Under extreme conditions at the highly accredited IFT ROSENHEIM (Germany)

Quicker Fabrication and installation times

  • Spring pivot transoms for quicker installation
  • Latch system to greatly increase glazing times
  • Gaskets can be installed from inside the building

Having used the research to develop the new FW1-50/series and advanced thermal break sections we now provide one of the fastest stick curtain wall series available with some of the lowest u-values.