Green Buildings
Energy efficient | Sustainable | 100% recyclable
Green Buildings

In the construction industry, Green Building refers to both the structure and use of processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle.

In Dubai, the main goal is to improve the performance of the buildings by reducing energy, water and material consumption, improving public health and safety, and increasing efficiency, while still retaining the excellence and beauty of the buildings.

ESC Green Practices

  • Our profiles provide an easy assembling process conserving time and energy.
  • Our systems improve energy efficiency.
  • Our special gaskets and polyamide thermal strips eliminate heat entering and noise.
  • Our materials of aluminium for extrusion are non-toxic and recyclable.
  • Our hardware and accessories are from environmentally friendly raw materials.

The regulations of Green Building intend to support Dubai’s Strategic Plan, creating a more sustainable urban environment and extending the ability of the Emirate’s infrastructure to meet the needs of future development.

Estidama – Sustainability

It is a building design methodology for constructing and operating buildings and communities more sustainably. The program is a key aspect of the “Abu Dhabi Vision 2030” drive to build the Abu Dhabi emirate according to innovative green standards.

Within Estidama is a green building rating system called the Pearl Rating System utilized to evaluate sustainable building development practices in Abu Dhabi. ESC Aluminium Systems started developing and incorporating all the requirements needed to achieve the goal and vision of Estidama.

With ESC thermal break systems, we improved and redesigned our aluminium profile sections to achieve the lowest possible U values by using our new type of polyamide thermal connectors that separate the internal and external profile. We applied a 22-24mm gap in between the profiles making the insulation more effective by reducing the amount of heat transfer coming from outside the structure.