About us
We ensure quality, efficiency and high performance systems on each building

The ESC 700 was founded in 2001 with the intention of redefining the aluminium systems through an emphasis on high quality materials, latest technology and innovation.

We created the brand to fulfill our desire for sophisticated, qualitative and revolutionary aluminium systems that can answer all the market needs.

ESC Aluminium Systems stays committed to evolving latest studies and analysis for local and international market requirements. The main task of the ESC Aluminium Systems is to develop products, which are engineered to be not only high-tech and strong but energy efficient as well. More than that, we want our customers to be satisfied with our products and services. 

Our product range include the epitomes of the finest raw metarial, which has been certified by the IFT institute in Rosenheim, Germany. We develop curtain wall systems, sliding systems, hinged systems, unitized, both in thermal break and normal, folding doors systems; frame/frameless and cladding systems.

Whereas we are trying to achieve the best end result in our field, so we are able to offer services that can be applied during pre-construction, construction and even to completed constructions for all our dealers. Our engineers are available to offer full technical support in addition to other services we provide such as structural calculations, shop and production drawings.

More than 96 global projects...
global projects

With more than 96 successful projects, our aim is to satisfy our clients needs with the best quality.

At our company, we firmly believe in the value of this product and its capabilities, and this can be seen in the caliber of our work. Our systems have helped to improve in the areas of quality and efficiency, saving on time and costs.

But it is not just the product that is unique, it is also the people behind the product who work hard, with passion, to create the best possible results. We thank you for taking the time to get to know us better and we look forward to working with you in building your vision of excellence and beauty.

Our motto: “We shape our buildings, and afterwards, our buildings shape us.” Winston Churchill

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